The Tales Of Seymour

These are the tales of Seymour J. Canard, the vibrant, geeky, wanderlusting technology duck from Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC). His story begins in the heart of Silicon Valley and continues with the help of SJC duck fans who send us photos of him at home and afar.

If you grabbed a Seymour duck at one of our airport outreach events and would like to share photos of him, tag @flysanjose on Facebook and Instagram or @flysjc on Twitter so we can find and potentially use your photo in future stories.

Image of Seymour and Map
Chapter 10: Seymour clicks with Sarah
Image of Seymour lifts weights
Chapter 9: Seymour strives to flatten the curve and his belly
Image of Seymour on ClickCluck
Chapter 8: Seymour tries online dating with ClickCluck
Image of Seymour Roomba
Chapter 7: Seymour just wants to fly
Image of Seymour and his friends enjoy a picnic
Chapter 6: Seymour celebrates #NationalPicnicDay
Image of Seymour wears a mask
Chapter 5: Seymour Shelters-in-Place
Image of St. Louis Arch
Chapter 4: Seymour in St. Louis
Image of Seymour in the Nation’s Capital
Chapter 3: Seymour in the Nation’s Capital
Image of Seymour Takes Flight
Chapter 2: Seymour Takes Flight
Image of Seymour in San Jose
Chapter 1: Seymour in San Jose