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Chapter 3: Seymour in the Nation’s Capital

Seymour loves fast cars and fast… airplanes. So he turned in his luxury rental and was ready to take flight again – this time to Washington’s Dulles International Airport. (Daily one-stop, no-plane-change continuing service to Dulles from San Jose is offered by Frontier Airlines.)


Seymour’s luxury rental car

At the airport, he parted ways with his new friend who was heading to Albuquerque. 


Augiezel and Seymour going their separate ways at the airport

After arriving in D.C., Seymour headed to Nationals Park to take in a game from the good seats.



Seymour in the stands at a Washington Nationals game

Before calling it a night, he hopped on the Metro to go scope out the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.


Seymour riding Washington, D.C.’s Metro to see famous landmarks

Inspired by the sights on the National Mall, Seymour started planning his next trip…


Seymour at the Washington Monument


Seymour at the Lincoln Memorial

To be continued… Chapter 4

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