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Chapter 5: Seymour Shelters-in-Place

These are the tales of Seymour J. Canard, the vibrant, geeky, wanderlusting technology duck from Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC). His story begins in the heart of Silicon Valley and continues with the help of SJC duck fans who send us photos of him at home and afar. 

If you grabbed a Seymour duck at one of our airport outreach events and would like to share photos of him, tag @flysanjose on Facebook and Instagram or @flysjc on Twitter so we can find and potentially use your photo(s) in future stories. 

When Seymour returned to the Bay Area from his tour of America, (read about his adventures in Chapters 1 through 4), he found it a bit odd that everyone was hoarding tail paper. But at least his roommate, Jose, had been home to receive the feather-soft 12-pack that had come in while he was traveling. Seymour excitedly quacked open their box of white gold and posed to let Jose take a quick photo for SnapQuack.

Seymour rollin’ with the toilet paper crisis

Jose quickly caught Seymour up to speed on what was going on in Santa Clara County.

Jose and Seymour talk COVID-19

Jose explained that, on their website, Santa Clara County had asked all residents to shelter-in-place due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Though disappointed that he could not travel again for the time being, Seymour understood the importance of staying home so he wouldn’t spread or contract germs.

Jose also told Seymour about social distancing. “It’s important”, he said, “to maintain a distance of roughly three average-size ducks standing beak to tail.” He added, “Oh and you should be wearing a mask when you go outside of the house. Here, I made you one!”

Seymour was grateful to have such a thoughtful roommate. He proudly put on his mask and went outside to get some fresh air.  

Seymour sporting his new mask

As he waddled through the neighborhood, Seymour encountered his neighbor, Albert. “Please don’t come any closer, Albert,” Seymour said. “We should practice social and physical distancing as advised by health experts.” 

Seymour talks to his neighbor, Albert, about social distancing

Albert agreed and took a step back. He then asked Seymour why he was wearing a mask. Seymour told Albert that he was practicing #SafetyFirst and that wearing a mask helps keep people safe.

Albert “hooed” in agreement and then changed subjects.

“Seymour, you’re an expert on all things aviation-related. How has the airport been coping with shelter-in-place?” 

Seymour said that, according to the airport’s social media and webpage, SJC remains open for essential travel only. He added that when he landed at SJC, passengers were advised to maintain at least 6’ distance between one each other. “We’re still too close to each other.” he realized, and took several more steps back.

Albert made a mental note to begin following SJC on social media so he could find out more for himself. His sister, Owlivia, was supposed to be flying in later that week.


To be continued… Chapter 6


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