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Chapter 1: Seymour in San Jose

These are the tales of Seymour J. Canard, the vibrant, geeky, wanderlusting technology duck from San Jose International Airport. His story begins in the heart of Silicon Valley but will continue across America – with the help of SJC’s travelers. Passengers departing on inaugural flights to SJC’s new nonstop destinations April 8-11 will be presented with an official SJC Seymour duck and are encouraged to share photos of Seymour enjoying their respective destinations. Check back to see where Seymour pops up around the country.



Seymour J. Canard knows the way to San Jose – he’s lived here his whole life.


Seymour's way to San Jose

Seymour’s great-great grandfather, Jean-Louis, migrated to Silicon Valley from France many years ago to work in semiconducktors. Every mallard in Seymour’s family since Jean-Louis has worked in the tech industry, including Seymour, who’s a webbed designer for a startup.


Seymour’s great-great grandfather, Jean-Louis

Seymour loves his Silicon Valley gig, but it’s like he’s just treading water. He spends hours daydreaming about where he might travel.



Seymour treading water in the Chameleon Pond in Park Valencia at Santana Row

Out plane-spotting with with his best friend Socrates, Seymour was amazed to see so much air traffic at SJC. But Socrates knew SJC has been America’s fastest-growing airport over the past two years – with new routes to Asia, Europe, and all across the U.S.


Seymour and Socrates plane spotting at SJC

Seymour was hooked. He looked up SJC’s list of destinations and decided it was time to fly. But where?


Seymour perusing SJC’s destinations list.

To be continued… Chapter 2

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