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Chapter 4: Seymour in St. Louis

Seymour’s next adventure was St. Louis. Taking advantage of Southwest’s new daily nonstop from San Jose to St. Louis, he couldn’t wait to see the famous Gateway to the West.


Seymour aboard his next flight

He posted a photo of himself in front of the Arch with a caption that he’s now working as an Arch Support Specialist. It really quacked up his tech buddies back in Silicon Valley. 


Seymour, the Arch Support Specialist

With the obligatory sight-seeing and wise quacks out of his system, he got down to business at the future of manufacturing. 


Seymour at Dinsmore

After some hard work, Seymour knew he couldn’t throw away his shot to see Hamilton at the historic Fox Theater in St. Louis’ Grand Center.


Seymour about to see Hamilton at the Fox Theater

To be continued...

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