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Chapter 2: Seymour Takes Flight

On SJC’s list of destinations, Seymour noticed there were a lot of inaugural flights to places like St. Louis, Spokane, Cincinnati, San Antonio, Houston-Hobby, Albuquerque, Tulsa and New Orleans. He decided to tag along with passengers on those flights.


Seymour tagging along with a passenger departing from San Jose

Since this was his inaugural flight, Seymour was lucky enough to visit the cockpit.


Seymour meeting one of the pilots

He nested in his seat, ready to fly to New Orleans.


Seymour ready for take-off

He enjoyed his time in the cloud…


Seymour showing off a wing and his I-Heart-New-Orleans sticker in front of an airplane window

But his time on the ground in New Orleans was even better.

Seymour’s first stop was Café du Monde, where the beignet sugar got a little out of hand.


Seymour covered in beignet sugar from Café Du Monde

After sugaring up, he took to the streets for some live music.


Seymour listening to live music on Frenchmen Street

Somehow – he’s still not quite sure – he woke up the next morning with a new friend.


Seymour and a very puzzled monkey waking up the next morning

To be continued… Chapter 3

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