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Chapter 8: Seymour tries online dating with ClickCluck

It was early the next day when Seymour realized that his friends had conspired with each other. He was absentmindedly eating his cereal when his phone pinged from across the room.

Seymour eats his cereal

Not thinking much, he opened his phone to see had one unread email from ClickCluck, a popular online dating app for birds of a feather. It said that he needed to complete his online profile. Both confused and intrigued at the same time, Seymour clicked on the link provided and correctly guessed the login credentials. 


He went to his profile and saw that his friends had uploaded his profile photo but that he needed to add more details about his hobbies.

Very funny, he thought. I bet Jose and Sawyer are behind this. But why not? He was bored enough to at least try to create a profile. All he needed were some photos of himself.

Seymour began searching through the photos on his phone.

He liked art…

Seymour likes water-loving frog statues

And farmers’ markets…

Seymour loves fresh strawberries

He liked swimming…

Seymour swimming in a fountain

Oh, and he liked music!

Seymour plays his piano

He then began fleshing out his “About Me” section. 

Along with some of the photos, Seymour decided he should include his awesome Airport-themed Spotify playlist in the profile. Probably too much info, he thought. But why not?

Seymour’s “About Me” paragraph:
I’m a webbed designer living in Silicon Valley. I love many things – but especially traveling. I’m looking for a hen to go on long trips with… someone who loves plane spotting and fun dates in the terminals. I love fun facts. Did you know that SJC’s first inbound passengers to arrive on a commercial flight were baby chickens?! Haha… Oh, and I love music! Here’s my aviation-themed Spotify playlist. Nerdy, I know, but I’m always open to new song suggestions! 

Seymour's ClickCluck profile

Satisfied with his profile, he took a quick look at the hens online. 

Chicks and Hens on ClickCluck

Nope. Nuh uh. Nope. Cute. Meh. Cute… Wait a second! Who’s she?!

Seymour clicked on a pretty hen’s profile picture. Her name was Sarah Fowler. Seymour swooned! She’s a webbed designer!


Sarah Fowler's profile

At that moment, Jose walked in the room and Seymour put his phone down.

“What are you up to?” Jose asked with a bit a smirk. 

“Nuh-nothing.” said Seymour sheepishly. Amused, Jose quickly left the room and Seymour stealthily winged right on this lovely lady.


To be continued… Chapter 9

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