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Volunteer at SJC

Information Booth Volunteers

Are you a people-loving travel enthusiast looking for a fun and rewarding volunteer job? SJC offers the opportunity for you to greet and assist travelers from all over the world. As an Information Booth Volunteer, you'll help passengers find their way around San José Mineta International Airport and answer a wide array of questions related to baggage claim, ground transportation, flight information, Lost and Found and much more. 

Apply below to become an Information Booth Volunteer!

Volunteer holds her Volunteer of the Month certificate.


SJC Happy Tails - Therapy Animal Volunteers 

SJC was the first airport to allow therapy animals to walk around in the terminals, starting shortly after 9/11 to help calm passengers' nerves before flying. A little over two decades later, the program has grown to include 46 active and certified therapy animals including 44 dogs, one cat and one rabbit. If your dog, cat, or rabbit is friendly, well-trained, and certified by one of these organizations, you and your furry companion could be greeting and delighting travelers from all over the world.  

Learn about our participating animals: and animal source groups below.




Alliance of Therapy Dogs is a long-established organization with the mission of forming a large network of caring individuals and their dogs to bring smiles, comfort and anxiety reduction to people in multiple settings. Our goal is to support the handlers and their therapy dogs as they join our organization so that they have wonderful experiences as they provide pet therapy in a wide variety of venues.

We welcome dogs of all sizes and breeds to join our teams and will do all we can to assist in the certification process and orientation to venues. 

To apply, please contact Kyra Hubis at For more information about the program visit:

First Responder Therapy Dogs

First Responder Therapy Dogs leads the way in addressing the mental health needs of people – particularly first responders but also travelers, patients, and students – by providing emotional support through the use of trained therapy dogs. Their goal is to provide this free service to as many people across the county as possible. Visit opportunities include fire stations, wildfire base camps, critical incident debriefs, hospitals, schools, camps, and airports. First Responder Therapy dogs joined the SJC Happy Tails program in 2024 to provide regular support for airport passengers and staff. For questions, please contact Lena Strickling at To learn more and apply, visit:

Love on a Leash®, a nationwide volunteer organization, certifies qualified pet therapy teams to provide pet-provided therapy services in their community. Our teams of pet-owners with their friendly dogs, cats and rabbits visit wherever they are invited to provide comfort, happiness, and healing. The Silicon Valley Chapter of Love on a Leash serves the San José Mineta International Airport; other chapters are located across the U.S. To become certified with your pet or to request visits in your area, please see the national website: To contact the local chapter that services SJC, please visit: