Training Standards Program

The San José Mineta International Airport has adopted the Training Standards Program to enhance security, safety and customer service at the San José Mineta International Airport. The program is required by the San Jose Municipal Code and provides that an experienced and well-trained workforce familiar with the Airport environment and procedures will enhance Airport safety and security and customer service; as maintaining Airport safety and security is critical for the successful operation of the Airport.

General Standards

The Training Standards Program provides basic standards and requirements for training of all employees, requirements for training records, and annual training updates and certifications. The training standards are focused in four general areas:

  • Security - Compliance with security regulations and knowledge of the security concerns specific to an airport
  • Safety - General Safety standards and Evacuation Procedures for emergency situations
  • Customer Service - Appropriate positive interaction with passengers in representation of the Airport and the employer
  • Assisting Persons with Disabilities - Proper etiquette in assisting persons with disabilities and compliance with ADA regulations

Covered Employers / Employees

Covered Employers shall mean any person, corporation, partnership, limited liability company, joint venture, sole proprietorship, association, trust, or other entity conducting commercial activity at the Airport pursuant to an Airport Contract or permit issued by the City under Title 25, and their Subcontractors conducting commercial activity at the Airport. Ground transportation providers, construction contractors, the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA), or any other federal, state or local public agency are not subject to the Program.

Covered Employees shall mean any person employed by a Covered Employer who expends at least half of his or her time working for the Covered Employer on work at the Airport; is at least 18 years of age; and is not a student intern or participant in a job training and education program. This includes all personnel involved in performing services which may directly impact safety, security and/or customer service.

Personnel Covered per Type of Badge and Access Requirements

The Program is applicable to all employees covered under the Living Wage Ordinance, including existing Covered Employers as well as new entrants, and both current and future employees, contractors and vendors of Covered Employers who work at the San José Mineta International Airport. It includes but is not limited to individuals who have one of the following Airport security badges (Attachment B):

  • SIDA
  • Sterile
  • SIDA Non-Secure
  • AIB
  • Non-SIDA

Training Delivery Methods

Training modules are provided to the employers to use in training their employees.
(See Training Modules)

  1. SJC General Training Modules will be provided by Airport personnel in several formats: Powerpoint (available via download) on this website; Train-the-Trainer for employers to provide the training to their employees; Orientation Sessions (live onsite); or Orientation Packets for employers to present to their new employees. New Employees should receive orientation within the first month the new employee is working at the Airport. This includes employees transferring from other locations/airports.
  2. Airport Security Badge Training will be administered by the Airport Badging Office.
  3. Role Specific Training Modules will be provided either through the badging process or provided to the employer to present to their employees, dependent upon the type of training. Covered Employers must ensure required training modules are provided to applicable employees.