Therapy Animals

SJC was the first airport to offer therapy dogs in the terminals, starting shortly after 9/11 to help calm passengers’ nerves before flying.

SJC’s Interfaith Chaplain Volunteer Kathryn Liebschutz owned a trained rescue/therapy Boxer/Great Dane mix dog named Orion.  She asked for permission to bring Orion to SJC to alleviate travelers’ anxieties about taking to the skies again. Orion was an immediate hit with passengers and employees alike as he and Kathryn spent long hours during that week offering comfort.

Today, SJC has 23 active therapy dogs that stroll through our terminals frequently. There are a variety of breeds and sizes that greet our travelers, each one as full of love as the next.



Golden Retriever

Aaron is an 8-year-old former guide dog who has chosen pet therapy work instead of guiding. He’s quirky and spirited and loves people, especially the TSA folks who pat him down!  Aaron loves balls, frisbees and treats!  He always seeks out children to visit because he knows when there are kids – there is food. There are lots of SJC workers who he must say hi to every time he visits.  Aaron is a super fun dog!


Standard Poodle

Aiden is a retired show dog who was rehomed from the North Bay. He has made over 150 therapy visits in Northern California, and loves to travel and go on car rides. He enjoys spending time with his sister, Maya, and his human mom and dad. And he loves being with people, going for walks, and, most of all, napping on the couch.



French Mastiff

Aymen is a Dogue de Bordeaux, aka “French Mastiff.”  He loves everyone and is most likely to be found relaxing in a willing human’s lap!  A 140-lb. snuggle bear who loves chasing leaves and dust bunnies and playing in the baby pool, Aymen is the most enchanting and goofy love bug you will ever meet, in a delightfully captivating size.



Charlie is an exceptionally adorable 5-year-old cockapoo. He takes care of the house and loves everyone he meets. He loves sharing his beautiful spirit with everyone.


German Shepherd

Cora was adopted from Humane Society of Silicon Valley. Moving to a new family was a bit overwhelming at first and Cora took her time warming up. As Cora settled into of her new family, they realized she was the most loving, gentle, patient girl they could have found. Because of Cora’s gentle demeanor and huge love for little kids, her family knew she would be a perfect certified therapy dog. These days, Cora loves visiting travelers at the airport, senior citizens, children at the library, and anyone else who would like a hello from gentle giant Cora.