Meeting Passengers

SJC Airport Map Overview

If you are picking up or dropping off passengers, you may stop your vehicle curbside in front of any terminal to actively load or unload. However, due to security measures, at NO time may vehicles wait, park or be left unattended curbside. For curbside wheelchair or human-guide assistance please contact your airline in advance.

Drivers can also wait in one of our free cell phone waiting areas. One-hour express parking spaces are also available in Hourly Lot 2 and Hourly Lot 5 at the parking lots posted rate. To view more parking options, please visit our Parking page.

Terminal A

International Arrivals Terminal

  • Departing passengers may be dropped-off at their airline terminal (either Terminal A or Terminal B on the right-hand side of the roadway). 
  • Arriving passengers may be picked up on the right-hand side of the roadway in front of the International Arrivals Building, located just past Terminal A ticketing lobbies.
  • Meeters/Greeters may park in Hourly Lot 2 to meet their passengers at the International Arrivals Building.

Terminal B

  • Both arriving and departing passengers may be picked-up and dropped-off by the terminal on the right-hand side of the roadway. Baggage Claim for Terminal B is just past the ticketing lobbies.
  • Meeters and Greeters can utilize One Hour Parking spaces in Hourly Lot 5.
  • Airlines at Terminal B:

If you are traveling alone, you may NOT park your vehicle at the curbside and leave your vehicle while checking baggage either inside or at curbside check-in. You must first park your vehicle in the parking lot or garage and bring baggage to curbside check-in or the ticket counter (Smarte Cartes are available for a small rental fee to help manage baggage).