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There’s always something happening here at America’s fastest-growing major airport, and this is the spot where we’ll post ideas, info, and the fun, interesting or offbeat items that might make your travel a little more memorable.
Image of Tulsa Region
Tulsa Region

When newcomers arrive in Tulsa, Oklahoma, they find a region uncommonly connected to the natural world, with parks, trails and green space woven into the urban fabric.

Image of Spokane Region
Spokane Region

Just a short flight north of San Jose, you’ll find Spokane. Considered the capital of the Intermountain Northwest, this city is a thriving hub. It’s a quirky mix of natural and urban.

Image of San Antonio Region
San Antonio Region

Deep in the heart of Texas, San Antonio’s bold culture and historic legacies make it an ideal gateway to Latin American culture and so much more. 

Image of St. Louis Region
St. Louis Region

St. Louis is a place where history and imagination collide, and the result is a Midwestern destination like no other.

Image of Houston Region
Houston Region

Houston is a unique and welcoming destination that mixes Texas culture and Southern charm. And SJC now offers nonstop service to both William P.

Image of New Orleans Region
New Orleans Region

Whether you’re making your first trip to New Orleans or you’re a seasoned visitor, the city’s infectious spirit is sure to invigorate, captivate and motivate you to jump in and see and do so much.

Image of Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky
Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky

This dynamic river region of Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky has been named a top 10 place to visit in 2018 by both The New York Times and Lonely Planet.

Image of Albuquerque Region
Albuquerque Region

New Mexico is a land of adventure steeped in culture. The breathtaking landscapes and rich fusion of Native American and Spanish cultures speak to people of many ages and passions.