Training Modules

  1. SJC General Training Modules – All Employees (Attachment C-1)

    1. Orientation to Working at SJC:
      Introduction to working at the Mineta San Jose International Airport: layout and facilities, overview of basic security awareness, safety principles, evacuation plan, customer service, and ADA awareness. [download module] 
    2. Basic Security Awareness:
      Overview of the security environment of the Airport, including area definitions, access control, security agencies and their responsibilities, security measures, reporting procedures, and recognizing security issues. Video training in Badging process, powerpoint version also available as a refresher. [download module] 
    3. Basic Customer Service Overview:
      Introduction to providing good customer service through attitude, consistency, teamwork, and problem solving. Short video training in Badging process.
    4. Safety and Evacuation Plan:
      Emergency Evacuation Chair Video - General safety principles and evacuation plan for emergency situations. [download module]
  2. Airport Security Badge Training – All Employees per Type of Badge (Attachment C-2)

    Training and testing modules provided at the Airport Badging Office as part of security badge requirements. Five types of badges:
    • SIDA Secure
    • Non-SIDA
    • AIB
    • SIDA Non-Secure
    • Sterile
  3. Role Specific Training Modules – Certain Personnel only, based on role/job function

    Additional training in specific areas based on training needs of role or job function and frequent direct contact with Passengers and Customers.
    1. Customer Service – Working at San José Mineta International Airport* (Attachment C-4)
      All personnel with direct contact with passengers and customers, such as Concessions, Airlines, Airport Parking and Rental Car Bus Drivers, Car Rental Agencies, and Parking Attendants. (subject to exemption) [download module]
    2. Assisting Persons with Disabilities – Providing Exemplary Service* (Attachment C-4)
      All personnel providing support to passengers with disabilities, including: wheelchair escorts, Skycaps, Gate Check-In, Airport Parking and Rental Car Bus Drivers, Airlines, Concessions. Includes ADA requirements for providing accommodations for passengers. (subject to exemption)
      [download module]
    3. Ramp Drivers Permit (Attachment C-3)
      All personnel authorized to drive in the ramp area (area intended for loading or unloading passengers or cargo, refueling, parking, or maintenance).
      [Administered by Airport Badging Office]
    4. Movement Area Operating Permit (MAOP) (Attachment C-3)
      All personnel authorized to drive on the runways, taxiways and other areas utilized for taxiing, takeoff, and landing of aircraft, exclusive of loading ramps and parking areas.
      [Administered by Airport Badging Office]
    5. Physical Vehicle Inspections (Attachment C-3)
      Security guards and Parking Control Officers are required to search vehicles.
      [Administered by Airport Badging Office]
      Ramp Area Safety Manual (Attachment C-3)
      All personnel working in the ramp area.
      [Administered by Airport Operations]
      [Ramp Area Safety Manual]
      [Ramp Area Safety Manual Sign-off]

    * Can request exemption from training module if current company training fulfills training module requirement. See Attachment E-1 for instructions and request form (Role Specific Training Modules 1 and 2 only).

Employer Training Program – Exemption from SJC Role Specific Training Modules

Covered Employers may request that their existing employee training be accepted in lieu of the following training modules based on role/job function:

  • Customer Service – Working at San José Mineta International Airport
  • Assisting Persons with Disabilities – Providing Exemplary Service

The training standards and contents of these training modules will be provided to the Covered Employers. The employer may submit a request with documentation that the training module content is covered under their internal training program. The Airport will review the Covered Employer’s training for compliance and notify the Covered Employer whether their internal training program will be accepted by the Airport in lieu of the Customer Service and/or ADA Awareness modules. The Covered Employer must secure any such approval from the Airport in advance of the time period the training covers.

For requesting exemptions from the required training modules, please follow the process (Attachment E-1) and using the forms (Attachment E-2).