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Car Wash Services

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Parking at SJC while on vacation or traveling for business?                
Book a waterless car wash and return to a car that’s sparkly clean. 

Operated by Future Wash, SJC’s exterior car washing service offers three options:

  • Economy — Includes waterless hand wash of the body, glass, rims with tire shine and trim shine ($59.99)
  • Business — Basic PLUS hand wax/sealant applied to body, glass and rims ($89.99)
  • First-Class — Exterior mini-detail ($199.00)

Easy booking                    
Booking your wash is easy! Just click on the button below and provide your information to get started. You will be contacted by the Future Wash mobile car washing team to confirm your order and car’s location.

Clean car ready for takeoff                   
Future Wash’s mobile car washing team will clean your car at its parked location. Your vehicle is estimated to be ready two hours prior to your scheduled return time.*               

* Please note: minimum 24-hour stay required to receive the best experience. Future Wash will do their best to accommodate last minute appointments 

Saves water and environmentally friendly                   
Waterless car washes use minimal amounts of water per car, in most cases less than one cup. Plus, our friends at Future Wash use eco-friendly products with only biodegradable ingredients. This means no harmful chemicals on the ground or your car.


Future Wash FAQ

  • Do I need to leave the keys? 
    • Nope, keep your keys with you. All car wash services are exterior only — Future Wash will wash your car where you parked, no need to move or access the interior of your vehicle.
  • Are interior cleaning services available?
    • No, at the moment services are exterior only. 
  • Can I purchase a gift card?
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    • As long as your car has not been washed, you can cancel your appointment at any time.
  • How do I request a refund?
  • Who do I contact with any questions/comments/feedback?
  • I work at the Airport, can I use this service?
    • Currently, this service is exclusively offered to travelers. However, following the launch, Future Wash will introduce their Wash at Work program. This program will feature a distinct structure and a dedicated booking form for employees.
  • How long does the car wash take?
    • 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on what service you selectded.
  • Do I need to do anything to my car to prepare it for washing?
    • Nope, once your car wash is booked you will just need to add a location AFTER you park. Future Wash will handle the rest.