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Hourly Lot 3 (Terminal B Garage)

Hourly Lot 3 (Terminal B Garage)
Hourly Lot 3 (Terminal B Garage)

Address: 1659 Airport Blvd., San José, CA 95110
$2 Per 15 Minutes (first day only)
$40 Flat Rate Per Day

The full daily rate accrues at the beginning of each 24-hour period. Learn more about paying for parking.

About this lot:

  • Covered parking
  • Clearance of 8’4”
  • SJC Shuttle Buses to Terminal A available
  • 24 hour lighting 
  • Routinely patrolled by SJPD and Airport staff 
  • Convenient lot for Alaska, Southwest and ZIPAIR (Departures)

For questions, assistance, or if you plan to park for over 30 days, please call (408) 441-5570.

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