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Sustainability at SJC

Biennial Sustainability Report (FY 17-18 & FY 18-19) 

Biennial Sustainability Report (FY 19-20 & FY 20-21)

Sustainability Management Plan (SMP)

  • SJC has implemented a campaign to switch-out conventional lighting, with efficient and energy-saving LED lighting throughout the Terminals. 
  • The Airport designs and builds all new construction to meet the U.S. Green Building LEED Silver Certification, with a goal to meet LEED Gold Certification.
  • SJC utilizes "smart" technologies, such as Building Management Systems (BMS) to control lighting and HVAC, which allows the Airport to track usage in real-time. By adjusting lighting and HVAC to meet the real-time needs using the BMS, the Airport can reduce energy consumption. 
  • In addition to reducing energy usage at the Airport, SJC installed a 3.4-acre solar PV farm that produces 1.1 Megawatts of electricity. 
  • SJC also made the switch to San Jose Clean Energy, which provides 86% carbon-free electricity. 

Carbon Reduction Statement