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Fuel Farm

The Airport replaced its old fuel farm with a new updated fuel farm that began operation in December 2009. This new fuel farm has provided the airport with many improvements which will help prevent negative environmental impacts due to the use and storage of jet fuel.

Jet fuel was previously stored off site and trucked to the Airport. With the new fuel farm, the Airport is able to eliminate emissions from trucking fuel to the facility from off site. Fuel is now pumped through underground pipes which helps protect our air quality, natural resources and prevents road congestion and unnecessary trucking of fuel to the Airport.

Due to growth of the airport and airline travel, additional fuel storage capacity was provided to meet increased jet fuel demands. The new fuel farm has above ground tanks with the latest technology to ensure protection of soil and water and more efficient and reliable equipment. An underground pipeline transports fuel from the tank farm to the new dispensing island with the latest in technology in spill control and underground fuel transport.