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New Ground Transportation Permit

Apply For New Ground Transportation Permit

Please note that every ground transportation driver shall be affiliated with a company that is duly permitted by the Airport under the provisions of Title 25. Regardless of the contractual relationship between the individual driver and the company, the company will be responsible for all fees and charges incurred by the drivers, and the company will be billed accordingly.

To apply for a new Ground Transportation Permit:

  2. Complete the New Permit Application form. Please be prepared to upload the following attachments with your application as appropriate.
    1. Exhibit C: Required Insurance Coverage
    2. Sample ACCORD insurance certificate
    3. Complete the Airport Authorized Vehicle List
      • Please download, complete and save this list to submit with your application
      • Save on your computer, in case of changes to your fleet.
  3. Complete the Complete the Workers Compensation Waiver
    • If Worker’s Compensation coverage is not required by law, Permittee shall submit a Worker’s Compensation Waiver form.
    • Please type your information and print a copy to submit with your application.
  4. City of San Jose business license (required of all operators, regardless of where the business is located)
  5. The Ground Transportation Office will contact you to schedule an appointment. Please prepare and bring the following items to the appointment:
    1. Permit Fee
      A check or money order must be made out to City of San Jose in the amount of $200.00.
    2. Security Deposit
      The security deposit generally reflects two months' worth of trip fees or $100.00, whichever is greater. For more information, please contact Ground Transportation at
      NOTE: The permit fee and trip deposit fees must be on separate checks/money orders. 
    3. Two color photos of your vehicle(s), showing the overall paint scheme and markings. One photo must be of the front of the vehicle. The other photo must be a side view of the vehicle. Markings must be clearly visible in the photo (e.g. Company info, authorities—CA#, PSC/TCP).
    4. Bring applicable receipts for payment (see below) to the appointment:
      Payment of applicable fees (outstanding Invoices, citations, liquidated damages, etc.) must be paid before the permit will be approved. Credit card payments can be arranged by phone. Payments can be made in person at San Jose City Hall, 200 East Santa Clara Street, San Jose, CA 95113-1905.
      • To check payment of invoices, call Geraldine Romero 408-392-3668.
      • To check payment of citations, call City Finance 408-535-7055.

IMPORTANT: Please allow 4-6 weeks for permit processing. The permit is not valid until you complete the interview process and have tagged your vehicles. You are not authorized to conduct commercial operations at the Airport without a valid GT permit or Infrequent Operator Permit. You may be subject to fines, denial of your permit and other corrective actions if you operate without authorization.