Tenant Design and Construction Guidelines

The Guidelines define the multi-step process for a tenant project at the Airport, from concept development through construction. Guidelines are provided for the use of tenant managers, tenant corporate office property developers, and consultants, engineers or contractors hired by the tenant. 

Tenant Design and Construction Guidelines
Design Review Guidelines
Architectural Guidelines
Concession Design Guidelines

Forms and Applications:

Maps, Plans and CADD Files.
CADD Standards

Required final submittals: If applicable submit a copy of the signed off permits, Submit an AutoCAD file or PDF of the As-Built drawings, this will be determined on a per project basis.

Security Plan Guidelines and instructions will be provided to the contractor at the Pre-Construction Meeting.

Typical Construction Wall Detail

License, Insurance and Bonds

Project Scheduling Guidelines

Tenant Vacating Leased Premises (Refer to Tenant Agreement with Airport)

Environmental Review Guidelines

Premises Distribution System – Airport Technology Services

PCI Service Provider Attestation for City of San Jose