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Tenant Design and Construction Guidelines

The Guidelines define the multi-step process for a tenant project at the Airport, from concept development through construction. Guidelines are provided for the use of tenant managers, tenant corporate office property developers, and consultants, engineers, architects or contractors hired by the tenant.

Tenants with contracts executed prior to 2019 may use either the 2007 guidelines or the 2019 guidelines. Tenants with contracts executed in 2019 or later must use the 2019 guidelines. The Tenant Improvement Design Criteria and Architectural Guidelines apply to all tenants. 

Note: for Tenants vacating leased premises, please refer to Tenant Agreement with Airport.

Tenant Guidelines:

Form A / Form B Applications:

Pre-Construction Documents/Templates:

Required Sole Source Contractors:

For Operating Concessions (coordinated by Properties):

Airport Badging Forms:

Environmental Plans: