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Spokane Region

Just a short flight north of San Jose, you’ll find Spokane. Considered the capital of the Intermountain Northwest, this city is a thriving hub. It’s a quirky mix of natural and urban. Whatever your interest, you’ll find it in greater Spokane. 


Downtown Spokane – Photo courtesy Visit Spokane

When you fly into Spokane, you’ll see tall brick buildings, metal and glass, cars and rumbling railcars dotting the craggy, treed landscape. Nestled in the middle of the metropolitan hive is Spokane’s Riverfront Park. It’s a beautiful oasis. If Spokane’s Riverfront Park is the setting, the Spokane Falls are the flawless diamond. Historically, the Falls have served as a marriage between place and hospitality. A gathering spot for the local tribes. Make sure you explore Huntington Park for an up close and breathtaking look at the roaring Falls. In today’s Spokane, you can walk out of your downtown hotel room and be rafting or standup paddle boarding five minutes later. Make sure you paddle up to No-Li Brewhouse for a drink. 


Huntington Park Downtown photo by Aaron Theisen, Spokane River Romping photo by Dennis Isip -- Photos courtesy Visit Spokane

Spokane is filled to the brim with tasty microbrews, robust wines, and daring distilleries. When you visit you’ll get to taste the innovation that goes into all the only-in-Spokane cocktails and other delicious beverages. Winemakers who harvest some of the world’s best wine grapes to produce the perfect red, distillers who use Washington wheat to create husky whiskeys, and cideries using fruit plucked from local branches to ferment a brilliance you’ll only find here. It’s a spark of imagination you don’t just taste, you experience. The Cork District offers up 21 wineries, most with tasting rooms located downtown.


Zona Blanca photo by Aaron Theisen – Photo courtesy Visit Spokane

At its core, Spokane bursts with promise and life. Just walk any street and you’ll feel the vibe. You’ll see new building and renovations, restaurants, shops and public art, but mostly, it’s the people you’ll see. People out walking, drinking on outdoor patios, eating at brilliant restaurants and enjoying all the shopping and entertainment you’ll find in any big city. 

Locally, Spokane has always been home to visionaries who have left an indelible mark on the community. You see it in the buildings, the art, the universities and the businesses that thrive. 


Art Fest – Photo courtesy Visit Spokane  

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