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Celebrating SJC Superstars

Over the course of the pandemic, 21 employees from our amazing Airport Operations Team received a degree or an aviation-related certification. These individuals worked extremely hard toward their higher education, all while working on-site at the Airport throughout the pandemic.

Along with working 40 hours a week on rotating shift schedules, these individuals “hit the books” studying all hours of the day; completed difficult and lengthy tests to prove their knowledge; and continued to show dedication and perseverance to their jobs and school. We are so proud of their remarkable accomplishments and celebrate their successes!

In addition to these major successes, we are also celebrating Graham Ritz who was appointed to serve as the 2021-2022 Southwest American Association of Airport Executives (SWAAAE) Northern California Director. Read all about Graham’s SWAAAE appointment and the staff achievements here:

Below is a list of staff members in the Airport’s Operations Division who received a certification or degree:

AAAE Airport Certified Employee (ACE) Operations

  • Adam Quartarolo
  • Anabertha Camarillo-Hatem
  • Gabe Garcia-Olea
  • Michael Glazer
  • Nathaniel Mak
  • Nick Hightower
  • Rafaela Meraz
  • Sherrilynn Sledge

AAAE Airport Certified Employee (ACE) Safety Management Systems (SMS)

  • Graham Ritz
  • Michael Glazer (2nd certification)
  • Noah Daneman

AAAE Airport Certified Employee (ACE) Security

  • Adam Belfield
  • Gabe Garcia-Olea (2nd certification)
  • Gabe Hernandez
  • Graham Ritz (2nd certification)

AAAE Certified Member (CM)

  • Alex Castillo
  • Michael Winans

ACI – Terminal & Landside Operations

  • Jenny Dang

ACI – Safety Management Systems (SMS)

  • Rosalyn Bond

University Master’s Degree

  • Jason Aldridge

LEED Green Associate Certification (renewal)

  • Michael Winans