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Noise Abatement

SJC is located in a densely populated area, with residential zones in close proximity, and the airport strives to be a good neighbor. General Aviation pilots can assist SJC and the surrounding community by observing the following recommendations:

  • When performing night currency flying, use SJC only as a point of initial departure and/or final point of arrival. Night pattern work is highly noticeable to the surrounding community. Other airports in the area are better suited to this activity.
  • High or full-power engine maintenance run-ups are best scheduled for daytime hours, after 6:30 a.m. (local time) and before nightfall.
  • When flying in the traffic pattern, keep to 1,000ft AGL (1,500ft for multi-engine) and use best rate of climb (Vy) to attain traffic pattern altitude as soon as able.
  • Use standard distances and turns, if able. Especially long legs that take you outside the normal pattern area are impactful on residents not used to experiencing overflights. Fly over industrial/business areas and avoid overflight of residential areas between SR-87 and First Street. If flight must occur over residential areas, keep to the highest practical altitude.
  • Operate variable pitch/constant speed props at their quietest setting.
  • On departure, climb to at least 1000ft AGL before turning on course.

Engine Run-Ups

  • The Airport provides a Run-Up pad at the intersection of Taxiways Delta and Whiskey. Contact ATC when your run-up is complete to request taxi instructions.
  • Jet aircraft requesting a maintenance engine run must first contact Airport Operations at (408) 277-5100. Please provide your aircraft type, tail #, run-up duration, and power level. Operations will assign a location for the engine run.

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