Billing / Account Management

The Airport does not offer automatic payments but credit card payments are accepted over the phone. For credit card payments please contact Finance-Payment Processing at (408) 535-3872.

If the company changes ownership or ownership status (i.e. sole proprietorship to a corporation or LLC). The company will need to close-out the current permit and reapply for a new permit under the new corporate or LLC name.

Please note that the permit is non-transferrable. If ownership of the company changes, the new owner must obtain a new permit prior to operating at the Airport. Similarly, if the corporate status of the company changes (e.g. by adding or changing LLC, Inc., etc.) a new permit must be obtained prior to operating or continuing to conduct business at the airport.

Submit a closure form which can be found on our Close Ground Transportation Permit page.

Billing disputes must be submitted in writing within 60 days from the invoice date. All disputes must include, at minimum, the following items: Invoice Number, Dates Involved, Type of Fee or Activity Billed, Dollar Amount of the Disputed Fee, Detailed Explanation of the Reason for the Dispute, Name and Contact Information of Company Representative.

Send disputes to:
Attn: Airport Finance - GT Payments,
1701 Airport Blvd., Suite B-1130
San José, CA 95112

It is the responsibility of the company to notify the Ground Transportation Office of any changes or updates with regards to your airport permit. The office is not responsible for undeliverable mail or communications not received. To make company changes, please follow the instructions on our Update Company Information page.

If your company has a name change the company will need to close-out the current permit and reapply for a new permit under the new company name.

Type in your changes and print the form. Email your completed form (as an attachment) to or fax to Airport Ground Transportation at (408) 392-1144.

The City Council adopted the San José International Airport Commercial Ground Transportation Program (March 16, 1993) requiring all commercial ground transportation providers to obtain an Airport permit prior to providing services at the Airport. In conjunction with the above, all commercial ground transportation providers operating at the Airport from April 16, 1993 forward are subject to fees established within the program. Companies operating without the necessary permits are subject to citations, fines and other corrective action.

For invoice inquires please contact Airport Finance at 408-392-3668.

Please send all payments to:

City of San José, Finance – Payment
Processing – Airport, 200 East Santa Clara St., 13th Floor
San José, CA 95113-1905

For credit card payments over the phone please contact Finance Payment Processing at 408-535-3872.