Ground Transportation Fees


Type Amount
Application Fee $200.00
Trip Deposit
For limousines, buses, charters, shuttles and couriers. This is a one-time fee (refundable when the permit is closed). **Two months of activity or $100, whichever is higher.

Trip Deposit
For hotel/motels, off-airport parking operators and pre-arranged taxis. **Two months of activity or $100, whichever is higher.


Pick-up Fee (effective October 1, 2017)


Drop-off Fee (effective October 1, 2017)


TNC Pick-up Fee


Clean Fuel*/ADA approved vehicle Pick-up and Drop-off Fees
*Clean Fuel Incentive. Contact Ground Transportation for more information.


AVI Tag Fee
Automated Vehicle Identification tag (Non-refundable)


Missed Appointment Fee (missed appointments without 24 hour notice)


Off-Airport Rental Car Fee

10% of Gross Revenue

**Larger deposits required for companies with large fleets or high activity volume.

On March 16, 1993, the City Council adopted the San Jose International Airport Commercial Ground Transportation Program requiring all commercial ground transportation providers to obtain a permit prior to providing services at the Airport. In conjunction with the above, all commercial ground transportation providers operating at the Airport from April 16, 1993 forward are subject to fees (listed above) established within the program. Companies operating without the necessary permits are subject to citations, fines and other corrective action.