Electric Vehicles

In 2010 Facilities Division of the Airport made a shift to using Electric Vehicles for their daily operations on the airfield. Since these vehicles do not need to travel on commercial roadways, the Airport can reduce their impact on air quality and reduce the carbon footprint of their operations. One convenience of these vehicles is their charging compatibility. These electric vehicles require Level 1 charging which is a simple 110V, 3-prong outlet are available in offices, home walls, and garages.

With the advent of more electric vehicles (EV) hitting the market, SJC has installed EV 8 chargers in the hourly parking south of Terminal B to serve customer vehicles while parked at the Airport. The chargers were provided through an air quality settlement by California Air Resources Board along with a grant to Southwest Airlines to install Ground Support Equipment (GSE) chargers. Southwest is in the process of converting their GSE fleet to electric to reduce their air quality impact.