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Hangar / Tie Down

The Airport owns and operates 46 hangars, 12 nested tie-downs, 6 small aircraft taxi-in tie-downs and 7 large aircraft taxi-in tie-downs. If you are interested in a hangar or tie-down, please fill out an application and submit it along with the administrative fee of $75.00 to the General Aviation Business Office.


Wait List Application Administrative Fee$75.00 (Per List)
Tie-Down (Nested, Single-Engined Aircraft Only)$208.00
Taxi-In (Small Aircraft)$355.00
Taxi-In (Large Aircraft)*$449.00
Annual Wait List Maintenance Fee$50.00 (Per List)

* Wingspans of less than 50 feet.

  • Contact the General Aviation business office for rates on aircraft with wingspans greater than 50 feet.
  • GA Tie-Down spaces are limited to aircraft under 12,500 pounds.
  • The Airport will provide rope or chains for tie-down tenants at the tenant's request.
  • Twin-engined aircraft must either use a Taxi-In Tie-Down space or a Hangar.
  • Fuel is available from the public FBO's.

Convenient access to your aircraft is available 24 hours a day. All tenants are required to wear their airport badge on their outermost garment above the waist, and have the proper vehicle identification media prior to entry onto the airfield. Pedestrian access through a vehicle gate is prohibited. You are further reminded that vehicle or pedestrian travel outside of the GA West area is prohibited.

Airport security conditions are continuously changing. We will continue to update our GA community with additional information on this website. If you have any questions, please contact the GA Business Office.


Q: How long will I have to wait before a space opens for me?

A: While there are no exact estimates, hangar turnover is averaging less than 1 per year (2018-20). Tie-downs are averaging between 2-4 per year. 

Q: Can I put myself down twice on the same list?

A: Yes. Each instance will require its own separate application and maintenance fees. Each space would have a separate license agreement.

Q: Can I switch from one wait list to another (between hangar and tie-down)?

A: Yes. You will forfeit your current position and be placed at the end of the list you're switching to. No additional payment is necessary. This is an irrevocable decision.

Q: Is transient parking space available at the GA West Ramp?

A: No. The city does not provide any transient parking space at the GA Ramp. Persons interested in transient parking must contact one of the FBO's on the field.

Q: I am a tenant. How do I terminate my space agreement?

A: Follow the process outlined in this document.

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