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Airport Badging Appointments


SIDA Badge Test

Testing is required every 2 years.
Testing time: up to 2 hours

SIDA Badge Test with Ramp Driving

Testing is required every 2 years.
Testing time: up to 2.5 hours

SIDA Badge Test - First Alarm, MAOP or Translation

Annual testing is required.
Testing time: up to 3 hours

Sterile Badge Test

Testing is required annually. 
Testing time: up to 1.5 hours.

Non-SIDA Badge Testing

Testing is required every 2 years.
Testing time: from 40 minutes (City GA Tenants only) to 1.5 hours (all other tenants)

Public Badge Test

Testing is required every 2 years.
Testing time: up to 1 hour

Security Strike/Ramp Citation Testing

Test taken in relation to an issued Security Strike or Ramp Citation. Must be taken within 5 business days of receiving a Strike/Citation.

Adding Ramp Driver or MAOP/LMAOP Icon

To add the Ramp or MAOP icon to a current active badge.
Testing time: up to 45 minutes


New Applicant/ Fingerprinting

Begin here if you are applying for a new SJC badge. Appointment is for fingerprinting only; no testing. A signed badge application and ID are required.

Badge or VTA SmartPass Pick-Up

Appointment is to pick-up a badge only. There is no training or FP at this appt. For VTA SmartPass pick-up, a signed and completed SmartPass application is required.

Authorized Signatory Training

Authorized Signatory Training is required annually for designated Airport Signatories only.

Change/Add Employer (DUAL BADGES)

Appointment required when changing from one Airport tenant to another; or, to apply for a badge with an additional tenant/employer. Signed application from new employer is required. No additional testing or background check is necessary.

Legal Name Change

This appointment is to provide proof of a legal name change. A new security threat assessment must be completed before the legal name change is printed on the badge. A secondary appointment to pick up the badge is required once the STA has cleared. Proof of legal name change and a new application is required.

Badge Replacement (LOST/DAMAGED Badges)

No appointment is necessary. Official letter from an Authorized Signatory requesting a replacement badge is required. Cost: $125 fine and $40 badge replacement fee.