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Infrequent Operator Permit

The Infrequent Operator Program is intended for companies that do not operate regularly at the airport. The Infrequent Operator Program also serves for those permitted companies that wish to use a vehicle that does not have an SJC AVI tag.

All ground transportation vehicles operating at the airport without an Airport permit must obtain in advance a temporary, Infrequent Operator Permit (IOP) for each vehicle. PLEASE NOTE: Infrequent Operator permits must be obtained by the company. The company must meet all of the Airport requirements listed below. Individual drivers may not obtain Infrequent Operator permits.

Each IOP is valid for the single date chosen at the time of purchase. IOP fees are non-refundable, even in the event of a trip cancellation. The e-mailed receipt is the proof of purchase and must be provided to the driver of the vehicle to show Airport staff if requested.

Designated pick-up locations (Locations in Parking Lots 2 & 5 require payment of parking fees)

If you have additional questions regarding pick-up locations, please make contact with a Curbside Traffic Control Officer and they will be able to further assist you.


  1. Read all information on this page.
  2. By purchasing a temporary permit, you affirm and accept the terms and restrictions of the temporary permit and have all the required authorizations, insurance, etc. required to legally operate at the airport:
    • All employees and/or drivers operating at the Airport on the company’s behalf have Workers Compensation Insurance which meets the requirements set forth by the State of California
    • All licenses and insurance coverages are current and in the amounts required to operate within the State of California and at the Airport.
    • All employees and/or drivers operating at the Airport on the company’s behalf shall conform to the applicable Federal, State and Local regulations, including but not limited to the applicable sections of the Airport’s Ground Transportation Rules and Regulations.
    • All employees and/or drivers operating at the Airport shall conform to instructions given by authorized Airport staff.  
  3. Pay associated fees using the form linked below: "Purchase Permit". IOP fees are $25.00 per day. 
  4. Print or forward the receipt of payment (the confirmation e-mail) and provide it to the driver of the vehicle listed in the e-mail.
  5. Display the receipt on the dashboard (if printed), and ensure the driver has a valid waybill while operating at the airport.