Submitting a Complaint

  • First, we recommend reading through this FAQ and other noise information posted to this website. Hopefully most of your questions will be answered.
  • Submit a noise complaint to the SJC Noise Office. The Noise Office accepts all noise complaints regardless of subject matter, but the Airport cannot act upon complaints related to flight paths or FAA procedures.
  • For concerns regarding flight paths, procedures, South Flow, vectoring/shortcut flights, etc. submit a complaint through the FAA's noise portal:
  • Bring your noise concerns to an SJC Airport Commission meeting. These quarterly meetings include an agenda item for the public to express their aircraft noise concerns.

The Noise Office at San José Mineta International Airport will enter all noise complaints submitted via the Airport’s website in the noise complaint database. The Noise Office at SJC investigates complaints from those whom submit noise complaints and will respond to those complaints submitted during the curfew hours. When appropriate, the Noise Office will follow up with aircraft operators and/or the FAA to investigate what actions can be taken to minimize noise impacts in the future.

Many types of jet aircraft are exempt from the noise curfew. All models on the Schedule of Authorized Aircraft are exempt. Additionally, military, police, and other government aircraft are exempt. To confirm the aircraft type, you can use flight tracking websites such as SJC's Webtrak, Flightradar24 or FlightAware.

In order to assist the Noise Office, when filing a noise complaint form, please fill out all of the fields to the best of your knowledge. The more information provided on the Noise Complaint Form, the better a response you’ll receive from the Noise Office.