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Do you know the ways to San Jose Airport?

SJC is conveniently located in the heart of Silicon Valley – only 3.9 miles from downtown San Jose and within 18 miles from giant tech hubs like Apple, Google, and Facebook (9.1 miles away from Apple, 12.1 miles from Google, and 17.9 miles from Facebook to be exact). It’s the closest airport for travelers living in various parts of Silicon Valley ranging from Pescadero in the west, Gilroy in the south, Menlo Park and Sand Hill Road up North, to Tracy in the East Bay.

There are 5 broad ways to get to SJC. However, because SJC serves such a large area, getting the airport in a cost and time-efficient way depends on many factors including the size of your travel group, reason for travel, duration of the trip, where you live, time of day, and season of year. 


Driving and Parking – a comfortable way to the airport any time of the day or night when you’re short on time, live close by, and/or have a lot of luggage and passengers.
The airport is accessible from Airport Blvd. (off Coleman Ave.), Skyport Dr., and Airport Pkwy. 


All parking lots – including the rental car facilities –  are on-site. SJC provides real-time parking availability online (

Parking Lots:
•    Economy Lot 1 -- 2300 Airport Blvd. San Jose, CA 95110 
•    Hourly Lot 2/Terminal A Garage* – 2075 Airport Blvd. San Jose, CA 95110
•    Hourly Lot 3/Terminal B Garage* – 1659 Airport Blvd. San Jose, CA 95110 
•    Daily Lot 4 – 1639 Airport Blvd. San Jose, CA 95110 
•    Hourly Lot 5 – 1661 Airport Blvd. San Jose, CA 95110 
•    Daily Lot 6 – 1641 Airport Blvd. San Jose, CA 95110


* Hourly lots offer daily rates

** Handicap/ADA accessible parking is available in all lots

SJC also provides courtesy shuttles between parking lots and the terminals. 

Travel Tip: Flying out of Terminal B? Save money by parking in the Hourly Lot 2/Terminal A Garage and taking the courtesy shuttle to Terminal B. This lot has a flat daily rate of $24/day compared to Hourly Lot 3/ Terminal B Garage’s $38/day flat daily rate.  The buses can accommodate a lot of luggage so this is a good way to travel with ease to the check-in counters. 

Cell Phone Wait Lots:
•    1004 Airport Blvd, San Jose, CA 95110 
•    241-289 Airport Pkwy, San Jose, CA 95110

Travel Tip: Because you can’t idle your car more than a few minutes at any curb near arrivals or departures, cell phone wait lots are great places to wait for arriving passengers. You can wait for an arriving passenger for up to 30 minutes maximum at no charge.

Bike Parking:

Pedestrian and Bicycle access to the airport is available via Airport Parkway and the marked crosswalks across Airport Boulevard. In the interest of safety, there is no direct pedestrian or bicycle access via Skyport Drive.

•    Terminal A Bike Racks: first floor of the Parking Garage, outside the south doors of the Bag Claim area.
•    Terminal B Bike Racks: first floor of the Rental Car Center, just north of the entrance to the Hourly Lot 3.


App-Based Rideshares – a cost-effective solution when you don’t have a car or someone to pick you up, and your trip is long enough that the cost of a rental car doesn’t make financial sense. This is a great option for business travelers!

Uber, Lyft, Wingz

App-Based Rideshares provide prearranged transportation to/from SJC. Passengers arrange service online, usually via smartphone app. Drivers use their personal, non-commercial vehicles to transport passengers.


Drop-off: All App-Based Rideshares are authorized to drop off passengers at the departures curbsides of both terminals.
• Terminal A Transportation Island – Stop 1
• Terminal B Ground Transportation Island –  Stops 8 & 9

Travel Tip: Rideshares are very popular during the holidays. It may take a little longer for your driver to pick you up on peak travel days such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as three-day weekends like Memorial Day and Labor Day.


Rental Cars – a great solution for people who are traveling more than 20 miles away and/or have many passengers and suitcases. This is a great option for leisure travelers!
SJC’s state-of-the-art Rental Car Center is located directly across from Terminal B. Terminal A passengers can take courtesy shuttles to the facility from the Terminal A’s transportation island located across the street from International Arrivals.
•    Alamo
•    Avis
•    Budget
•    Dollar
•    Enterprise
•    Fox Rent A Car
•    Hertz
•    National
•    Payless Car Rental
•    Sixt
•    Thrifty 

Rental Cars:


Taxis – a tried and true method to get to hotels and business centers. No app needed!
Taxis are stationed at the Airport for on-demand service. They are accessible from the Terminal A garage and Terminal B, Stop 1. 


In addition to the on-demand service available at each terminal, taxis and shuttles are authorized to pick up passengers with a scheduled reservation in the approved designated areas. Please contact the company of your choice to schedule reservations. Pre-arranged vehicles pick-up at Terminal A, Stop 3 and Terminal B, Stop 11. 

Local taxi companies:

•    American Cab
(408) 988-3300  
•    Checker Cab of Silicon Valley
(408) 293-1234
•    City Cab Company
(408) 998-3333    
•    Discount Cab
(408) 609-9999
•    Green Cab
(408) 573-7777    
•    Milpitas Cab
(408) 945-8500
•    Rainbow Cab
(408) 271-9900  
•    Yellow Cab
(408) 777-7777


Public Transportation – a green, cost-effective, way to get to the airport if you have some spare time and less luggage.

•    The Airport Flyer (VTA #60) at Terminal A’s Stop 7 and Terminal B’s Stop 5 and 6 currently connects riders to the Milpitas Transit Center via San Jose Metro Light Rail and Winchester Station via the Santa Clara Caltrain Station. 

Note: For more information about VTA and other public transit services to/from SJC, visit

•    VTA* Valley Transportation Authority

* NOTE: The Terminal B VTA #60 bus stop is located at the Ground Transportation island across from Terminal B. The Terminal A VTA #10 (now 60) bus stop is located at the Ground Transportation Center across from the International Arrivals Building.

•    Monterey Airbus  The Monterey Airbus has regularly scheduled shuttle service between Monterey, SJC and San Francisco International Airport.

•    Greyhound – The Greyhound Station is 3.2 miles from the Airport. There is no direct shuttle, or bus from the Airport to Greyhound. Taxi service is available.

70 S Almaden Ave.
San Jose, CA

•    Caltrain – VTA Airport Flyer makes frequent stops between the Airport and the Santa Clara Caltrain Station.

Railroad Ave
Santa Clara, CA

•    BART Bay Area Rapid Transit – Board VTA Airport Flyer at Airport. Exit at the Metro Light Rail Station. Board Light Rail at Metro. Exit at Civic Center. Take the VTA #180 Express Bus to Fremont Bart Station.

2000 Bart Way
Fremont, CA

•    Amtrak – Take the free VTA Airport Flyer to the Metro/Airport LRT Station. Take the Mountain View-Winchester Light Rail to Amtrak's Diridon station.
(408) 287-7462
65 Cahill St
San Jose, CA

•    ACE Train – VTA Airport Flyer makes frequent stops between the Airport and the Santa Clara Caltrain Station. The ACE train is available at this destination.
(800) 411-RAIL

1001 Railroad Ave.
Santa Clara, CA

Travel Tip: Give yourself extra time to navigate public transportation. Trains and buses run on time so you want to make sure you aren’t rushing to catch your ride.