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How do I get a Gate Pass?

Every airline and airport may have different rules, so it's always best to phone the airline first to obtain any special instructions. Gate passes are usually issued at the airline ticket/check-in counter. You will need the passenger’s name and flight number, and a government issued photo ID (driver’s license). If you are escorting a departing Military service member, they should have their military orders available as well as government photo IDs for everyone over the age of 18. You may wish to enlist the assistance of one of the airline greeters (usually dressed in an airline blazer and standing near the entrance of the ticket counter lines). They are there to help direct you to the proper counter and should be able to point you to the exact location to obtain the gate pass. When you reach the counter personnel, explain that you wish to obtain a Gate Pass and explain the circumstances. Finally, be sure to allow plenty of time before flight departure and/or arrival to account for check-in and security screening.

Who will be considered for a gate pass?

  • A parent with a child flying alone – known as unaccompanied minor (under 18)
  • A companion for a passenger that has a disability (perhaps to push a wheelchair, etc.)
  • A companion for a passenger with special needs (can’t understand signs and/or instructions or perhaps needs a sign language interpreter)
  • A companion for a passenger who is elderly and may become confused or disoriented
  • Family members of Military service personnel who are reporting for duty or arriving home from active duty