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Peet's Coffee

Vanilla Latte
Vanilla Syrup, Espresso, and Milk

Chocolate Sauce, Espresso, and Milk

Chocolate & Caramel Javiva
Caramel Sauce, Double Strength Coffee, Milk, Ice, Javiva Powder, Chocolate Drizzle, and Whip Cream

Chai Javiva
Brewed Chai, Milk, Ice, and Javiva Powder

Iced Espresso - Caramel Latte
Caramel Sauce, Espresso, Milk, and Ice

Iced Espresso - Hazelnut Latte
Brewed Chai, Milk, Ice, and Javiva Powder

Café au Lait
Hot Brewed Coffee, with 3/4 Steamed Milk

Black Tie
Condensed Milk, Cold Brew Coffee, Chicory Syrup, Cream, and Ice

Iced Tea Mango Sunrise
Summer Solstice Black Tea, Mango Syrup, Lemonade, and Ice

Iced Green Tea Mojito
Tropical Green Tea, Mojito Syrup, Lemonade, and Ice