What is an Automated Vehicle Identifier (AVI)?

An Automated Vehicle Identifier (AVI), otherwise referred to as a transponder, contains a small computer chip that records all the trips you make into and out of the Airport. You are billed each time a pick-up or drop off is performed at the designated locations and your AVI tag is recognized by the AVI system. Pick-Up locations are: Lot 2 – Limos Only, Lot 5 – Limos Only, Terminal A Ground Transportation Island, and the Terminal B Ground Transportation Island.

If you sell your vehicle, you must notify the Ground Transportation office to return the transponder so that we can remove the assigned vehicle from your fleet If the transponder is not returned to the Ground Transportation Office when the car is sold the original permittee will be responsible for new trips made by the new owner.

All vehicles are required to have a SJC Ground Transportation Permit, display a valid and current vehicle decal and have a functioning Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) transponder affixed to each vehicle.

Operating with an invalid vehicle transponder and/or without a valid and current decal are violations of SJC Rules and Regulations and are subject to citation. Removing an AVI for any reason (this includes windshield replacements), invalidates the AVI and operators are subject to citation. AVI’s are non-transferrable and once removed, cannot be reused or reapplied to the windshield.