Safety /Service /Convenience

Sufficient Lighting at Night
The Airport’s parking facilities are lit 24 hours a day to provide a safe, comfortable environment to use. A portion of the lighting in the Airport parking lots is also connected to backup generators, lighting the lot even during power failures.

Surveillance Cameras
Mineta San Jose International Airport’s parking facilities are equipped with surveillance cameras 24 hours a day.

Frequent Security Patrols
The parking facilities at Mineta San Jose International Airport are routinely patrolled by the San Jose Police Department and other Airport staff.

Courtesy Phones in all Shuttle Stops
All Shuttle stops in the Long-Term parking lot are equipped with courtesy phones.
These phones can be used to:
» Check the status of a flight
» Request assistance in finding your vehicle
» Request a jump start of a vehicle with a dead battery
» Page an individual within the terminal building
» Summons Police by calling 9-1-1

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